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Find out how to get to the right place by bus or train

    How does Siduidu work?

    You choose the departure point and destination, and INFOBUS finds for you options for direct flights and routes with a transfer, so you can easily get from point A to point B.

    Siduidu offers you several options for routes. You can compare and choose the fastest, cheapest or most suitable for you and buy an online ticket in just a few minutes.

    Siduidu selects routes
    in the largest BusSystem system

    The most complete base of routes

    Daily updates on new flights

    Buying tickets for a bus + train in one place

    The system offers a number of useful features

    Selection and comparison of routes

    Convenient display of direct and combined flights.


    Information on the map about the itinerary.

    Seat selection

    The layout of seats in the bus and train with the choice.

    Make a ticket purchase quickly and easily!


    Route selection, price comparison, transplant data, travel time


    Possibility to choose a place in the bus and train

    Purchase a ticket

    Buying a bus + train ticket